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    "For me, this episode is a little less 'nostalgic' than some of the other episodes. I was struck by something T.S. Eliot once said about poetry - that it comes from a deep place in the mind, from some dark place of consciousness. From a deeper level that Eliot called "the dark embryo within, which gradually takes on the form and speech of poetry." So, there is this idea that our senses relative to how we think and who we are, constantly affect us and that things well up from within that we have no hope of understanding as to why they are there, or what their origins might be for us. 

    Eliot, Heaney and other poets of the 20th century considered that poems begin in a part of the mind so primeval, so basic as to be almost pre-linguistic. I suppose, with the luxury of recording, that is where these sounds can rise up from too. Their rhythms, their intonations - like the bird song included in some of the mixes here - are not necessarily logical or consecutive in any kind of conscious way, but they are there, like your heartbeat, like your breathing. They are almost impossible to stop, of course at some point they will, as we all know." 


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