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Esboços - double album, release date: December 6th, 2022

  "and so begins the slow..." Slow has gathered pace lately. Slow cooking, slow eating, slow dancing and so on. Slowing down isn't for living longer, or for making more than 24 hours in a day. Time is how you feel it. Instead of wondering where all the time goes, follow it and see where it leads. This double album came in the magic of a moonrise. A collection of thoughts and whispers, slowing to convey the sensation and flow of feelings. The fourteen tracks reflect on different rhythms and styles. They are the 14 lines of an audio sonnet.  Many influences inspire the voicing here, from Garner to Bley, Jarrett to Meldau, Montes to Coltrane. Their reverberations echo in every played piano, long after their hands have stopped.  Esçobos is Portuguese for 'Sketches'. This is an album of ideas drawn in the air, of longing and searching, an exploration of the slowness in things. Enjoy. p.s. Es

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