An interview with An Ambient Year's Mac Dunlop

Outside Local Music this week features a walk with Mac Dunlop, writer, composer, visual artist and fellow SourceFM presenter. We take a stroll on his favourite beach and chat about his life and work. Join us from 5pm, Thursday 6th May.

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"I'm trying to develop a different ambient space by exploring the knock on effects of sound layers within the evolution of themes as they develop."  

A couple of years ago my sound was described as a "narrative without words" by Sarah Gosling at BBC Radio 6. That's just the sort of thing I've been trying to piece together for some time. 

 Another reviewer at Jazz Halo magazine described "the flight of albatrosses, or a flock of petrels using thermals to glide over the ocean for days came to this reviewer's mind as he listened" (ferdinand dupuis-panther) in relation to "Migration in Three Parts"  - which is on the Somewhere Nearby album just released by Off-Record.

I think of these newer live recording and mixings as 'films without image".

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